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Local Developers Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town

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Leadership and Mentoring Opportunities

Cost of sponsorship
  • WeThinkCode_ makes training available to young people with the aptitude and attitude to be great software developers, regardless of their educational background. We do this by delivering the programme tuition free for all students. Our corporate partners sponsor the tuition up front to guarantee priority access to our pipeline of talent.
  • It costs ZAR 115 000 (ex VAT) to sponsor a student. This covers tuition for the 16-month contact training. On completion of training, students are available to do a 4-month work internship, where they earn a standardised intern salary of ZAR 7 000 a month. Thereafter, they take up permanent employment at a salary agreed between the graduate and the hiring partner. The total minimum investment for a business interested in securing a pipeline of highly skilled talent is ZAR 143 000 for one student.
  • Due to our status as a Non Profit Company focused on driving inclusive recruiting into the tech sector, we meet our partners’ business need for tech talent using a sustainable and impactful model that drives the participation of youth in our economy. Consequently, our partners are able to claim a range of benefits including:
  • Learnerships – Section 12H benefits – Up to R40k registration and R40k completion allowances, ETI – Up to R12k off of your PAYE for eligible learners, B-BBEE – The programme is claimable as Category C on the Skills Development element of your B-BBEE scorecard
  • Socio-Economic Development – Contributions to WeThinkCode_ are also claimable on the Socio-Economic Development element of your B-BBEE scorecard.
  • Section 18A Tax Deductions – As a registered Public Beneficiary Organisation, WeThinkCode_ is able to issue Section 18A certificates for qualifying contributions.
Benefits of hosting a internship
  • Access to a pool of local software developers that have over 2000 hours of professional training on a locally built curriculum aligned to current local labour market skills demands.
  • Access to software developers that are both technically skilled and ready to contribute meaningfully to the business from day one with the right onboarding structures in place.
  • Access to software developers that not only can code from a blank page but are specifically trained in brownfields and understand how to augment existing codebases. a specialised software development training programme due to our bespoke curriculum, and talent pipeline for future full-time professionals for your organisation
  • Access to the abovementioned skilled software developers based in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, allowing businesses with a national footprint to acquire skilled developers where needed
  • Opportunity to assess the performance of WeThinkCode_ interns against your other internship groups
  • Increased brand visibility and product knowledge for your organisation at WeThinKCode_
  • Offer Provide management experience and leadership and mentoring opportunities skills growth to for your current junior and mid-level developers to support your succession and business growth planning employees because they get to mentor and coach new and upcoming developers
  • Showcase your business as an employer of choice among talented software developers to secure your competitive advantage as a digitally enabled company long-term career opportunities within both your organisation and your industry
Quality of education / curriculum
  • Our locally curated curriculum is specifically tailored to the typical tech skills needs of businesses in South Africa. Developed by local and international software developers with a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the industry, the curriculum is both accessible to bright young minds yet robust enough to equip them to become valuable contributors to businesses from day one.
Quality of software developer talent
  • Our largest repeat partners (logos presented in a carousel)
    • BCX
    • BBD
    • Momentum
    • FNB
    • Absa
    • Outsurance
    • Vodacom
    • StructureIT
    • Yoco


We collaborate with our corporate partners to ensure our students gain the relevant digital and workplace skills as well as a clear pathway to employment upon graduating from WeThinkCode_.

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