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WeThinkCode_ is a software development training academy and registered non-profit and PBO. Our mission is to recruit sharp minds from under-served communities in South Africa and equip them with the skills to become excellent software developers.

Lenght of our programme

Our programme is run over the course of 20 months, with 16 months on campus training and 4 months in workplace internship. Thanks to our industry partners, the programme is tuition-free for our students as we aim to create opportunities for young people from low income households to access quality education. We train in coding basics to enable students to transition into South Africa’s current typical work environment for junior software developers and engineers. At the end of the training programme we facilitate job placement internships with our corporate partners so that they can onboard students in an extended interview period and make a final decision about employment at the end of the internship.

WeThinkCode_ Accreditation

Our NQF 5 Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) accredited programme ensures that our graduates are equipped to help future-focused companies solve their most tenacious development challenges. We use a peer-to-peer learning methodology to simulate a work environment where students are encouraged to be accountable for achieving individual and group learning outcomes. We’ve successfully graduated over 700 students and placed 91% of those talented individuals within many companies, across various industries.

WeThinkCode_ inclusion

53% of our students are women. WeThinkCode_ strives to create inclusion and drive representative innovation within Africa’s tech industry to elevate and showcase African solutions. We do this by cultivating a pipeline of smart, dynamic and talented budding developers who possess the skills and competence to add value to businesses and society.


Since its inception in 2015, WeThinkCode_ has established itself as an effective platform for training youth in digital skills. Our mission has been to close the skills gap in the digital sector and prepare youth to participate in the economy.

South Africa’s youth provide a pool of talent that mostly remains untapped and WeThinkCode_ provides tech businesses with access to this source of tech talent.


Meet the team of talented individuals that drive the success of WeThinkCode_.

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